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Jennifer Walters

About Me
About Me
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I am happiest when I am busy...

I am 23 years old and eager to begin my professional career.  I have worked hard throughout college in order to maintain a high GPA and intend to work even harder at finding a great career. 
Throughout college I have held jobs and volunteered regularly.  I enjoy being busy and am happiest when I have a sense of purpose in school, work, and family life.

I grew up in several different places, including overseas, because my father was in the military.  I have a passion for travel and am always curious about the world around me. 
When I'm not in school or work, I enjoy being outdoors and hiking.  Exercise is very important in my life, and my two big passions are music and cooking.  I also love dogs and just brought home a yellow lab puppy recently. 

Taking a break from work

Being outdoors

What I enjoy most about being outdoors is the sense of peace I get from being outside.  It is easy to get caught up in the daily grind, worry about bills and your next step in life, but being outside dwarfs my fears and puts me in touch with a feeling that almost anything is possible.  It clears my head and gives me the strength I need to get the job done.

My new puppy, Eddie.