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Jennifer Walters

BIS Defined & My Internship Experience

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BIS Defined & My Internship Experience
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What is BIS?

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After going through a few different degree possibilities, I realized it wasn't going to be as easy as I thought to settle on one area of study.  After a semester of really trying to narrow my focus down, I learned about Arizona State University's BIS Program. 
BIS stands for Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies and means many things.  For one, it means I was able choose two areas of interest, instead of the usual one.  My interests were Business and Education Psychology. 
In this program, I was able to study more than one area of interest. By doing this, I was able to incorporate my concentration areas into a meaningful context. 
My Business concentration gave me the tools to understand the inner workings of the business world.  I studied everything from how to be a micro-manager, to economic theory and accounting processes. 
My concentration in Education Psychology allowed me to study how the human brain develops and functions.  It was interesting to focus on how the brain works and how different learning strategies help in the learning process. 
I am glad that I was offered the option of being a part of a newly developed program at ASU, where I was able to incorporate who I am into my educational choices.    
My Internship Experience:
Upon completing the second BIS core course, we were able to set up applied learning experiences in which we completed 125 hours of an internship that incorporated and applied what we have learned throughout the program.
I was able to work with ASU's Service Learning Program four days a week for eight weeks.  In this program, we had formal training for one week, then we began working with the children.
I was assigned to the South Mountain Salvation Army in South Phoenix.  We designed a drama program that incorporated reading and writing skills.  The children ranged from ages 6-13.  This internship was a great opportunity to work with other people who love children, as well as help kids who struggled with reading and writing. 
My background in Business helped me to be an effective leader and put my time management and networking skills to good use.  It also helped in organizing and planning the curriculum as well as communicating with faculty and parents about what we would need for the program to be a success.
My Education Psychology background allowed me understand the learning process in order to be a great reading and writing tutor.  It helped me to understand a child's point of view and effectively communicate ideas to them in a way they would understand.  It also helped me to gauge where each student stood acacemically and what I could do to help support them in their learning. 
This internship was a great experience for me and it taught me a lot about what types of skills and talents I can bring to the table. It also allowed me to network and make contacts with those whom I share commanalities with.  I hope to consistently volunteer my time to worthy causes no matter how busy I get.