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Jennifer Walters

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Resume & Contact Information
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Jennifer Walters

Gilbert, AZ 85296


To obtain a full time position in a challenging and fast-paced environment where there are opportunities for growth and advancement.


Service Learning Program Tutor (May 2005-July-2005)
Developed and implemented a drama and theatre curriculum for the Salvation Army children in South Phoenix. 
Communicated with parents, children and supervisors.
Worked with childen daily on reading and comprehension skills.

Server/Trainer, What's Your Beef? Restaurant (August 2004-March-2005)
Open and close sections of restaurant/bar when needed.
Take care of customer needs, as well as communicate with customers, owners managers and co-workers on a daily basis.
Train new servers on computer program and orientation of typical operations.

Professional Cheerleader, Arizona Cardinals (April 2002-April 2004)
Attend all media promotions, fundraisers, rehearsals and games throughout season.
Organize and host annual silent auction charity for Arizona Cardinals.